Feverfew Seeds


Perennial. Feverfew is actually a relative of the chrysanthemum. It has been used as a medicinal herb throughout history as a way to treat aches and pains in the head or joints. Feverfew is herbaceous to semi-woody perennial. This herb has daisy-like flowers and blooms beginning in midsummer. The leaves are used as a mild sedative and headache remedy.  700 mg package - approx. 4000 seeds.


Growing Feverfew Herb Seeds

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Start indoors in the spring-like other herbs. Feverfew takes about 13 to 15 days to sprout. Transplant just after the last frost and between July and October expect some pretty white flowers with yellow centers to appear.

Sowing and Growing

Like many herbs, you can choose to start feverfew indoors during late winter or direct sow seeds in April. Seed benefits from a cold period before germination which can take up to 2 weeks. Best in full sun with regular water, Feverfew is vigorous and self-seeds readily, popping up here and there around the herb garden. Trim back after flowering for a tidier look.


To harvest feverfew, pick leaves and flowers anytime or hang bundles in a cool, dark place for use in the off-season. Leave at least 4 inches of stem so feverfew can continue to grow back healthy. Create a tea with other dried herbs. The tiny numerous blooms also attract beneficial pollinators, so consider allowing a few plants to remain in bloom rather than harvesting.

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