homade pickles cucumber
homade pickles cucumber
non gmo homemade cucumber pickles seed bag
homemade cucumber pickles seed packet

- This open-pollinated variety is great for pickling as they have a crunchy core, give high yields, and are disease resistance.

Cucumber Seeds - Homemade Pickles


Non-GMO, open-pollinated Homemade Pickles Cucumber Seeds from True Leaf Market yield a pickling-variety of cucumber with small white spines and crunchy cores. Growing on up to 5' disease-resistant vines, the Homemade Pickles variety produces high yields of pickling cucumbers that can be picked at 1-1/2" to make gherkins or at 5" to 6" to make dill spears. These heirloom cucumber seeds come from Mountain Valley Seed Co., which is a small, family-owned seed company known for supplying premium-quality seeds to both home growers and fresh market producers. 55 to 60 days to maturity.

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