Beit Alpha F1 Cucumber
Beit Alpha F1 Cucumber
Cucumber Beit Alpha F1 Seed Bag

- A crisp and sweet seedless cucumber that is great for lunches as the skin is soft and easy to handle.

Cucumber Seeds - Beit Alpha F1 CMR/MMR


The Beit Alpha F1 CMR/MMR cucumber is an excellent addition to any home garden. Each cucumber has a medium green exterior and very small black spine. This cucumber grows straight and ranges between 5-8" long. Plant indoors and transport or sow outside. If growing indoors, sow seeds 6" deep, and move plant outdoors after 4 weeks after the last frost. If growing outside sow 6" deep in direct sun in the spring. After 50-60 days, cucumbers are ready to harvest when they reach full size. Pick individually and new cucumbers will continue to grow. After harvest, they are ideal to pickle or be used in a salad for an extra element of freshness.

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