Cucumber - Armenian Yard-Long Garden Seed
Cucumber - Armenian Yard-Long Garden Seed
Non-GMO Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber
amrenian yard long cucumber seed packet

- A sweet and tender cucumber best known for its yard-long growth, but are best if harvested between 5-12 inches.

Cucumber Seeds - Metki Pale Green Armenian Yard-Long


68 days. Mild flavored, light green fruits can grow to enormous lengths, but are best when harvested at 5 to 12 inches. Grows slender and curved with light green skin, the longest cucumber seed available for purchase. The Armenian Yard-Long cucumber is an early variety of cucumber that is sweet and tender. The Armenian Yard-Long is light green and heavily ribbed, and grows to be up to twelve inches long. Since this variety is mature in sixty eight days, a steady harvest can be achieved by planting regularly throughout the season. Approx. 876 seeds/oz.

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