Radish Seeds - Crimson Giant


Raphanus sativus (29 to 40 days) Sometimes called Crimson "Giant Globe Radish" or "Giant Butter Radish". Crimson Giant Radish seeds grow large 1 1/2 - 2" globe shaped crimson red radishes. These great globes don't become hollow or pithy with their large size. Twice the size of Cherry Belle. The flavor is rich with a buttery texture yet mild and not hot. Approx. 2,625 seeds/ounce.


Radish Seeds - Crimson Giant

Remember like any root crop radishes like sandy, loose soil to develop proper size roots. If you don't have sandy soil try adding more Organic matter to break up heavy clay soils. You can grow radishes any time of the season, but they do much better in the cool weather of early spring and fall.

1918 The Great Northern Seed Company says about Crimson Giant...
"It is a rapid growing sort, developing roots of a beautiful deep crimson color, which vary in shape from round to almost oval, weighing up to 1 1/2 ounces per bulb, or about four times the weight of similar sorts; but not withstanding its immense size, does not get hollow or pithy, the flesh remaining sparkling white, solid, crisp and juicy, and of the mildest flavor."

1948 Oscar Wills Seed Company says about Crimson Giant Globe....
"An extremely large, globe shaped, deep crimson radish or superior quality, and standing very long before becoming pithy. The white flesh is solid, crisp, and mild. The white flesh is solid, crisp and mild."

    • 5 g - Approximately 470 Seeds
    • 4 oz - Approximately 10,500 Seeds
    • 1 lb - Approximately 42,000 Seeds
    • 5 lb - Approximately 210,000 Seeds
    • 25 lb - Approximately 1,050,000 Seeds

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