bloody butcher ornamental corn
bloody butcher ornamental corn
bloody butcher ornamental corn seed packet
non gmo bloody butcher ornamental corn seed bag

- Bloody Butcher Ornamental Corn can be used for many purposes as it develops large ears with dark red kernels great for flour or fresh eating and sturdy stalks.

Corn Seeds - Dent - Ornamental - Bloody Butcher


110 Days to maturity. Zea mays. Bloody Butcher Ornamental Corn Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, Dent Corn. Suitable for growing in garden plots or raised beds. Corn tolerates heat and drought-prone regions. Bloody Butcher ornamental corn grows 2-6 ears on each 10-12 foot tall stalk. Cobs typically are pink and red with red kernels and dark red stripes, and the occasional white cob. Plant a few seeds in rows 3 feet apart with 2 feet between plants. Plant seeds 1 inch deep in soil in full sun. When seedlings are 4 inches tall, thin them so that there is only 1 seedling in each spot. Use fertilizer 3 or more times in the growing process. ~100 seeds/oz.


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