Corn Seeds - Mirai 315 Hybrid - Treated
Corn Seeds - Mirai 315 Hybrid - Treated

Corn Seeds - Sweet - Mirai 315 Hybrid - Treated


70-80 Days to maturity. Zea mays. Mirai 315 Hybrid (Treated) Corn Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, hybrid, Sweet Corn. Suitable for growing in garden plots or raised beds. Corn tolerates heat and drought-prone regions. Mirai® 315 Bi-color Hybrid Corn Seeds. Annual, hybrid. Mirai®315 bi-color corn hybrid has superb sweetness (up to 18%), yields, and tenderness. The corn ears are 8 inches long with 16 rows, an ear height of 34", and a good tip-fill. It is among the best in taste, flavor, durability, and texture of available types. Mirai will hold its quality for 10-14 days when kept in the husk and refrigerated. In the development of Mirai, no genetic modification or biotechnology traits were applied; it has been created exclusively through natural selection. ~235 seeds/oz.


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