Corn se Kandy Korn Hybrid Seed
Corn se Kandy Korn Hybrid Seed
Non GMO Garden Planting Seeds
Kandy Korn Hybrid Corn Seeds

- Well known among sweet corn varieties the Kandy Korn Hybrid is tender, juicy, and can hold its flavor for about 2 weeks on the stalk.

Corn Seeds - Sweet - Kandy Korn Hybrid


80-90 Days to maturity. Zea mays. Kandy Korn Hybrid Corn Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, hybrid, Sweet Corn. Suitable for growing in garden plots or raised beds. Corn tolerates heat and drought-prone regions. Resistant to Common Rust, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Stewart’s Wilt. Kandy Korn Hybrid variety of corn seeds grow to be seven feet tall stalks, which provide large, eight inch ears of yellow corn with a sweet flavor. The husks are green with streaks of dark red running through them, giving them a subtle and intriguing look. This favorite variety has a distinctive reddish stripe on the husks, reddish plant, and a fine sweet flavor. Possessing the E.H. gene, this variety will hold its flavor for about 2 weeks on the stalk.~177 seeds/oz.


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