Corn Poppy Seeds - American Legion


63 " 84 days. American Legion corn poppy seeds promise one of the most cherished and vibrant blooms in the entire world. American Legion seeds grow generous 3 " 4" classic red poppy blooms and are ideal amongst wildflower mixes and wide open spaces. American Legion corn poppies can be broadcasted directly in the garden just like wildflowers yet compact enough to keep indoors for planters, baskets, and window boxes. American Legion corn poppies are native to the rolling expanses of European meadows and were internationally recognized after WWI as the symbolic flower for fallen soldiers.


Growing American Legion Corn Poppy Garden Seeds

American Legion corn poppy seeds are frost tolerant and can be sown directly outdoors in either late fall or early spring. Corn poppy seeds have a wildflower growth habit and can be broadcasted similarly. Blend 1 part Corn poppy seed to 5 parts sand to increase visibility during sowing and lightly rake and tamp. For earliest spring blooms, begin Corn poppy seeds indoors 6 " 8 weeks prior and transplant to either indoors or out. For direct sowing, plant 2 " 3 American Legion corn poppy seeds ¼" deep and 6 " 12" apart in Organically rich, medium moist, and well-drained soil in full sun, or broadcast seed-sand mix directly. American Legion corn poppy seeds thrive in many full-sun gardens but will not perform well in high humidity and intense summer heat. Corn poppies are susceptible to root rot, powdery mildew, and botrytis fungus in wet and poorly drained soils. American Legion corn poppy seeds mature in 63 " 84 days as 12 " 18" tall mounded shrubs with a 6 " 12" spread stemming with 3 " 4" classic red poppy blooms.

Papaver rhoeas is one of the most popular and well-known blooms throughout the world. Papaver rhoeas is also commonly known as Field Poppy, Corn Poppy, or simply Red Poppy and is native amoungst the temperate wildflower fields of Europe. Shortly after WWI, the red Corn poppy became an international symbol for the millions of fallen soldiers of Europe.

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