Bean - Fava - Broad Windsor Garden Seeds
Bean - Fava - Broad Windsor Garden Seeds
Bean fava broad windsor seed packet
Non-GMO Broad Windsor Fava Beans

Fava, Bean - Broad Windsor - Vegetable Seeds


80-90 Days. Vicia faba. Annual. Cover Crop. Heirloom. Non-GMO Broad Windsor fava bean seeds grow one of the most beneficial heirloom cover crops available to the home gardener. Popularly sown in the fall as a cool-hardy cover crop, Broad Windsor fava bean is an heirloom legume grown to restore nitrogen to poor and depleted soils. Windsor Broad fava bean is an open-pollinated annual grown just as commonly for its resorative properties as it is a fruiting crop harvested for its world-famous creamy and nutty fava beans. Seed paper packets and bulk seeds available. ~15 seeds/oz.

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