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Non-GMO, Heirloom Organic Garlic Chives Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Allium tuberosum. Chives are native to regions in Asia and Europe. Organic Garlic Chives are also called "“Chinese Chive Herbs" and are technically a different cultivar from their Onion Chive relatives. As one of the prolific "“fines herbes" of cooking, Organic Garlic Chives are easy to grow from seed during the cool season as hardy perennial herbs. Organic Garlic Chives are full of cancer-fighting antioxidants as an aromatic herb in your garden!

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Organic Garlic Chives Herb Garden Seeds

Organic Garlic Chives Herb Growing Habits

Non-GMO (Allium tuberosum) Organic Garlic Chives grow as upright hardy perennial herbs which thrive during the cooler seasons of spring or fall. This cultivar, also called "“Chinese Chive Herbs" reaches up to 2" tall, developing long, flat, and green grass-like shoots. During late spring, your Organic Garlic Chives will give off a mild spice, onion, and garlic aroma, as they develop their small umbels of white flowers. As the warmer temperatures set in, Organic Garlic Chives will be ready for harvest before the flowers begin to bow over, before going to seed.

The Health Benefits of Organic Garlic Chives Herb Garden Seed

Organic Garlic Chives are not only packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants such as lutein and quercetin, these fresh herbs with mild spice also contain essential nutrients, like vitamins C and K, as well as helping osteocalcin"which is a protein that helps generate bone strength and density.

The Ornamental Benefits of Growing Organic Garlic Chives Garden Seed

As herbs have been used for centuries for various benefits, Garlic Chives can also be grown near garden beds or as a perennial border to protect vegetables and deter insects from their aromatic properties. Organic Garlic Chives also make attractive landscape fillers with their green, flat grass-like shoots and umbels of white flowers. Organic Garlic Chive Herbs enhance other cool-season veggies like lettuce, broccoli, and carrots while making radishes spicier!

Organic Garlic Chives Garden Herb Seeds Per Package

  • 2 g - Approximately 500 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 7,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 28,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 112,000 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 560,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Approximately 2,800,000 Seeds

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