Chamomile - Roman Herb Seed
Chamomile - Roman Herb Seed
Non-GMO Roman Chamomile

- Roman Chamomile is a low growing, spreading rhizome that is commonly used in herbal teas and medicine with a less bitter flavor than the Germal variety.

Chamomile Seeds - Roman


Non-GMO, Heirloom Roman Chamomile Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Chamaemelum Nobile. Roman Chamomile plants originated from North Africa and were later cultivated in Europe"as chamomile has an ancient history of being used for a variety of medicinal benefits, such as aiding inflammation and providing relaxing teas. As Roman Chamomile also referred to as "English or Russian Chamomile" doesn't grow as tall, these creeping and vigorous low-growth herbs reach 8-12" and are called "true chamomile" with white flowers that give off a sweet scent similar to apples.

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