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Non-GMO, Heirloom Roman Chamomile Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Chamaemelum Nobile. Roman Chamomile plants originated from North Africa and were later cultivated in Europe"as chamomile has an ancient history of being used for a variety of medicinal benefits, such as aiding inflammation and providing relaxing teas. As Roman Chamomile also referred to as "“English or Russian Chamomile" doesn't grow as tall, these creeping and vigorous low-growth herbs reach 8-12" and are called "“true chamomile" with white flowers that give off a sweet scent similar to apples.

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Roman Chamomile Herb Garden Seeds

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Roman Chamomile Herb Growing Habits

Non-GMO (chamaemelum nobile) Roman Chamomile plants grow as creeping perennial herbs with vigorous low-growth, reaching 8-12" tall during the warm summer. Your sweet chamomile will easily reseed itself, especially as a perennial herb. Once late spring or summer sets in, the small white buds of your chamomile herbs will develop sage-colored fuzzy leaves. Once they bloom, Roman Chamomile, also referred to as "“English or Russian Chamomile" will give off a floral scent and flavor similar to apples. As aromatic flower heads of your "“true chamomile" crop bend backward, they"ll be fully mature, before going to seed.

The Gardening Benefits of Roman Chamomile Herb Garden Seed

As Roman Chamomile is a vigorous low-growing perennial, this variety is perfect to plant as an ornamental herb or decorative ground cover. Roman Chamomile or "“true chamomile" herbs grow well in garden beds or containers as well. Perennial chamomile such as Roman varieties also make great companion plants and can help repel unwanted pests or insects from your vegetable garden during the spring and summer! Roman Chamomile Herbs give off a floral sweet scent and apple flavor that is calming and therapeutic for aromatic benefits.

The Ancient History of Growing Roman Chamomile Herb Seed

Ancient civilizations in Greece, Egypt, and China all used chamomile herbs for a variety of medicinal benefits"from aiding menstrual cramps and overall inflammation, to providing relief from colds and fevers, it also makes a great natural sleep-aid. As Roman Chamomile varieties are still used in many herbal remedies and for aromatic therapy, chamomile boosts health overall and is a prolific herb that hasn't gone out of style.

Roman Chamomile Garden Herb Seeds Per Package

  • 1 oz - Approximately 175,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 700,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 2,800,000 Seeds

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