tendercrisp celery
tendercrisp celery
non gmo tendercrisp celery seed bag
tendercrisp celery seed packet

- Tendercrisp celery produces high yields of large celery heads, is resistant to western celery mosaic, and can keep well in your garden late into the season.

Celery Seeds - Tendercrisp


90-105 days. Non-GMO. Open-pollinated. Tendercrisp Celery Seeds from True Leaf Market grow a compact celery head with 12" dark green stalks. The entire Tendercrisp celery plant reaches about 26" tall at full maturity. Crisp and crunchy, this celery variety is excellent in soups, salads, and many other dishes. The stalks can also be eaten fresh as a snack with some vegetable dip or peanut butter, and the leaves can even be used to flavor stocks and broths. Mountain Valley Seed Company, an independent, family-owned seed supplier is known for offering premium-quality heirloom vegetable seeds, such as Tendercrisp celery, in quantities that meet the needs of both home growers and fresh market producers. ~65,000 seeds per ounce.

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