CD: The Mittleider Gardening Library


The Mittleider Gardening Library CD

An entire library on one CD. Includes all ten of Dr. Mittleider vegetable gardening books, and all nine of his technical manuals. Now you can read and study everything written about vegetable gardening by the great Garden Doctor himself on one CD ROM disk, and take it with you anywhere in your pocket or purse! All TEN books have been completely and accurately digitized, including thousands of pictures, plus every word, chart, and illustration. And depending on your screen resolution, they may look even better than in the originals.

Also includes the original searchable database version (Windows XP and earlier only), You just type a word or phrase and every place it occurs in all 18 publications, it will be right there for you to see.

Want greenhouse plans? Take your pick of several! How about fertilizer formulas! See how they have evolved and improved over the years with experience in every kind of soil, in countries around the world. Grow in containers or in any kind or condition of soil with great success. Learn to grow vertically and multiply your yields still further.

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