Carrot Purple Haze Hybrid Seed
Carrot Purple Haze Hybrid Seed
Non GMO Purple Haze Carrot Seed
Purple Haze Hybrid Carrot Seeds

- The Purple Haze Hybrid is the only imperator-shaped carrot with a purple outside and orange inside that keeps its color when lightly cooked.

Carrot Seeds - Purple Haze Hybrid


70 days. The Purple Haze carrot produces roots with a beautiful blend of purple and orange that looks almost tie dye-like. Each carrot has a deep purple exterior with a bright orange center that blends outward. Carrots can grow up to eight inches long, and are thick and cylindrical with tapered ends. They are sweet and tender, making an excellent addition to many dishes. This garden crop thrives with full sun in zones three to nine, and does best in sandy, well-drained soil. The Purple Haze carrot will be ready to harvest after seventy days.

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