California Poppy Seeds


56 " 70 days. California poppy seeds grow one of the most radiant, iconic, and all-American blooms ever! California poppy seeds promise a touch of coastal California in your garden with 3" golden orange blooms and cold hardy silvery greens. California poppies are native to the cool and temperate stretches of the Pacific Northwest down into Mexico but will thrive in a variety of gardens across the continent. California poppy seeds are an ideal grow along walkways, fences, and flower beds but compact enough to keep indoors or up on the patio.


Growing California Poppy Garden Seeds

California poppy seeds are frost tolerant and can be sown directly outdoors in either late fall or early spring. California poppy seeds have a wildflower growth habit and can be broadcasted similarly. Blend 1 part California poppy seed to 5 parts sand to increase visibility during sowing and lightly rake and tamp. For earliest spring blooms, begin California poppy seeds indoors 2 " 3 weeks prior and transplant to either indoors or out. Plant 2 " 3 California poppy seeds ¼" deep and 6 " 12" apart in average, loamy, and well-drained soil in full sun, or broadcast seed-sand mix directly. California poppy seeds thrive in cool summers and will not perform well in high humidity and intense summer heat. California poppies are susceptible to root rot, powdery mildew, and botrytis fungus in wet and poorly drained soils. California poppies have no serious pests or diseases. California poppy seeds mature in 56 " 70 days as 12 " 18" tall upright shrubs with a 12" spread and classic 3" golden orange poppy blooms.

Eschscholzia californica is native to the cool and moderate expanses of the western United States and Mexico and has been the official state flower of California since 1903. Colusa and San Luis Obispo counties are homes to stunning and natural rolling meadows of the iconic golden orange California poppy. The genus Eschscholzia honors pioneering Baltic German naturalist and entomologist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz who explored California and the greater Pacific northwest in the early 19th Century.


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