Non-GMO Organic Hulled Buckwheat Groats
Buckwheat Groats (Hulled): Organic 1lb
Buckwheat Groats (Hulled): Organic 2.5 lb
Buckwheat Groats (Hulled): Organic 5 lb
Buckwheat Groats (Hulled): Organic 35 lb

- Buckwheat can be used as a cover crop, microgreen, and sprout while providing a good source of food for pollinators.

Buckwheat Groats (Organic) - Sprouting Seeds


Organic buckwheat groats (hulled, shell removed) can be a somewhat challenging grain to sprout but definitely well worth it! Also great toasted, in a cereal, steamed & more. Available in various quantities in resealable packaging. A great addition to any food storage program. Certified Organic.

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