Broccoli Seeds - Destiny Hybrid


70 to 75 days. Annual. Non-GMO Hybrid seeds. The Destiny Hybrid is a popular variety of the broccoli garden crop to grow. Destiny Hybrid seeds are more tolerant to heat and can be grown in warmer temperatures, preferably in zones seven to eleven. These seeds will grow and produce modestly sized heads with medium to small beads. The tops of Destiny Hybrid broccoli heads have a rich green a purple color, and can be eaten in different ways, such as in a salad, or part of a stir fry. Broccoli is believed to have more properties that can fight cancer than other members of the cabbage family, making it a healthy and tasty crop to grow!

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Growing Destiny Hybrid Broccoli Garden Vegetable Seeds

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The Destiny Hybrid variety of broccoli is one that is tolerant to warmer climates than others. You can start growing broccoli by sowing the seeds directly outside, one fourth of an inch deep, eighteen inches apart, with eighteen to twenty four inches between the rows. The Destiny Hybrid broccoli needs full sun to thrive. During the first two weeks, the Organic broccoli seeds will be germinating, and will need consistently moist soil. While growing, the broccoli seedlings" soil will need to be soaked every two to three days. By doing this, and watering at the root, you can strengthen the plant. It is recommended to water at ground level. Between seventy to seventy five days, the Destiny Hybrid broccoli will be mature and ready to harvest; by this time, the heads of the main shoot will have a diameter of at least three inches. By cutting off the main head at this time, more side shoots/florets will be encouraged to grow.

Check out this study done by Penn State University about how broccoli can help with healthy digestion.

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