bloom master deck railing hanging strap installation infographic. 1. attach eye bolt screw eyes to upper inner holes on rear of bloom master with eye holes facing out. 2. attach screw eyes to inner holes on bottom of bloom master with eye holes facing out. 3.  Insert strap from top through the screw eyes. Loop strap back through lower screw eye. 4. Attach and tighten straps with cam lock onto deck railing.
Planter box with flowers
Planter Box -Grow Vegetables

Bloom Master Water Retention Planter Box Kit


Hanging planter boxes are a beautiful way to display flowers, herbs, leafy vegetables, strawberries, and more. WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CONTAINER GARDEN PROBLEM? Containers often dry out quickly, requiring frequent watering. Bloom Master solved this problem by pairing coco coir,tain water retention crystals together. These materials retain more moisture than traditional soil mixes. Plus, they also allow space for healthy root formation. The Minute Soil+ coco coir is amended with NPK to support healthy growth. Enjoy a healthier and more full planter box this year with this high water retention planter box kit.

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