Best Selling Tomato Seeds Collection


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Heirloom. Non-GMO. Best Selling Tomato Seeds Collection is handpicked of 6 of the hardest working and most commercially successful heirloom tomato varieties throughout the last century. Including Ace 55, Marglobe, and the historic Rutgers tomato, the Best Selling Tomato Seeds Collection aims to deliver your simplest and most bountiful tomato harvest yet.

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Best Selling Tomato Seed Collection

We believe that results should speak for themselves, which is why we've introduced the Best Selling Tomato Seeds Collection so that home gardeners across the country are able to benefit from nearly a century's worth of commercial tomato success. The Best Selling Tomato Seed Collection features the most commercially important American tomatoes of the 20th century such including Abe Lincoln, Ace 55, Brandywine Pink, Large Red Cherry, Marglobe, and Rutgers. Includes an exclusive 35-page instructional book that covers everything about tomato seeds including germination, mulching, trellising, care, troubleshooting, pests, harvesting, canning, and more.

1. Abe Lincoln Tomato Seeds

Indeterminate. 84 days. Nearly a century old and more popular than ever, the Abe Lincoln is an all-American beesteak heirloom grown for its uniquely ridged skin and enormous 1-2 pound fruits. The Abe Lincoln was first introduced by the Illinois-based seed company H.W. Buckbee's in 1923 which, at the time, was owned by Illinois senator John T. Buckbee who wanted to pay homage to another famous Illinois senator, Abraham Lincoln.

2. Ace 55 VF Tomato Seeds

Determinate. 77 days. First cultivated and bred by the UCLA department of agriculture in the 1950‚s, Ace 55 has since become the standard of tolerant garden performance and fruit production. Specifically developed for increased tolerance to both Verticillium and Fusarium (VF), Ace 55 matures into hardy 7 oz. fruits also known for a thicker, crack-resistant skin. Ace 55 is an early-season tomato with a determinate amount of fruiting.

3. Brandywine Pink Tomato Seeds

Indeterminate. 91 days. The original among the famous line of American heirloom Brandywine strains, Brandywine is by default considered a ‚“pink‚ tomato, cultivated from a long tradition of pink tomatoes cherished throughout the Ozarks. Named after the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania, the Brandywine was bred to specificity for the region before becoming a standard among American heirlooms. Brandywine tomatoes are known to routinely weigh in at about 1 pound per fruit.

4. Large Red Cherry Tomato Seeds

Indeterminate. 77 days. A world famous hybrid between smaller currant-type tomatoes and domesticated garden tomatoes, the Large Red Cherry boasts a smaller, sweeter cherry-style tomato while still larger than other cherry tomatoes. Large Red Cherry is ready to harvest at about 75 days, with countless 1" wide vine-ripened tomatoes ideal for salads, snacking, and finger foods. Although smaller tomoatoes, Large Red Cherry still requires extensive trellising and support during heavy fruiting.

5. Marglobe Tomato Seeds

Determinate. 77 days. The Marglobe tomato is a century-old hybrid between the Marvel and the Globe tomato, two medium-size and highly productive slicing tomatoes. Like the other tomato seeds featured in the Best Selling Collection, the Marglobe has been a commercial success for more than a hundred years and is still preferred for its reliable 8-10 ounce fruits. Compare Marglobe to Ace 55 or Rutgers in terms of size, color, and productivity.

6. Rutgers Tomato Seeds

Indeterminate. 84 days. Arguably one of the most significant tomatoes in American agriculture, the Rutgers tomato was the preeminent crop of commercial farming before advanced industrialization of the 20th century. The Rutgers was first developed in 1934 by Rutgers University in conjunction with Campbell‚s Soup to provide a superior, uniquely American tomato for the public. Produces medium-sized 6-8 oz. fruits right up until the fall.


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