Bellis English Daisy Habanera Mixture Seed
Bellis English Daisy Habanera Mixture Seed
Non GMO Bellis Flower Seed

- The Havanera Mixture of English Daisies make for great carpet flowers or small scale ground cover in cool areas with moist soil.

Bellis (English Daisy) Seeds - Habanera Mixture


60-75 Days to maturity. Bellis perennis. Habanera Mixture Bellis English Daisy Seeds. Non-GMO, annual. Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers have fluffy, fully double, 2-inch blooms with finely rayed petals. These six-inch plants are ideally suited for bedding and companions for pansies. They bloom in the springtime and are tolerant of cooler temperatures. Try this vibrant and unique version of the classic English Daisy!


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