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Bellis (English Daisy) Seeds - Habanera Mixture


60-75 Days to maturity. Bellis perennis. Habanera Mixture Bellis English Daisy Seeds. Non-GMO, annual. Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers have fluffy, fully double, 2-inch blooms with finely rayed petals. These six-inch plants are ideally suited for bedding and companions for pansies. They bloom in the springtime and are tolerant of cooler temperatures. Try this vibrant and unique version of the classic English Daisy!


Growing Non-GMO Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers Flower Seeds

English daisies should be started early to be the spring blooms we all know. In zones six and above, a direct sow is an option. Start indoors four weeks before the final frost of the spring. Germinate seedlings at 70°F. Whether direct sowing or transplanting, water in heavily at the time of planting. Harden off seedlings gradually before transplanting them outdoors.

Keep the area weed free. Fertilization is usually not needed unless the soil site is particularly infertile. Remove spent blooms so that the plants stay looking tidy and are encouraged to rebloom. These plants will return yearly for a minimum of two years down to zone 4. They can be used as annuals in zones three and below. In most cases of complete die back, they will re-seed themselves and come back again the following year.

Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers in the Flower Garden

Incorporate these into a cut flower garden or use them as classic bedding plants alongside pansies and petunias. To put it simply, these flowers are cute and bright. That is their job, and they do it very well. They can bloom very heavily, creating that carpet-of-flowers look that we all love!

Landscaping With Habanera Mixture Bellis Flowers

English daisies will liven up any outdoor space with their captivating blooms. They even do well as a bright border for driveways or walkways. These are perfect in pots and are one of the few bedding plants that flower and do well in partial shade. This makes them ideal for under trees or on covered patios.

About Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers Garden Seeds

Habanera English daisies have the largest blooms out of all the Bellis flower varieties.

The Bellis flowers bloom from April to June when sown outdoors and can bloom even earlier when started indoors.

These feather blooms have tons of tiny petals that give the 2 inch wide blooms an adorable pom-pom look.

English daisies can withstand temperatures in the 40°F quite well. They usually die back after a hard frost, but may come back with a good root system and warm enough weather.

As the name suggests, English daisies are native to Northern Europe and have been cultivated and crossed for centuries. They have been a highly sought-after flower for generations.

Bellis flowers are in the same family of plants as sunflowers and marigolds. Asteraceae varieties love to show off!

These daisies do not tolerate heat very well. In southern climates like Arizona or Georgia, these may do well as winter, fall, or extreme early spring flowers depending on your particular climate.

Stories From Our Gardeners

"English daisies remind me of my mother. They are her favorite flower and are widely loved for a reason. Try them in your garden or landscape!"

placeholder - Lara Wadsworth, True Leaf Market Writer

Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers Seeds Per Package:

25 Seed Packet - Wholesale - Approximately 25 Seeds

100 Seed Packet - Wholesale - Approximately 100 Seeds

1,000 Seed Packet - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 1,000 Seeds

Non-GMO Habanera Mixture Bellis flowers seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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