Bean Seeds - Bell


Bell bean (Vicia faba) is the same species as fava bean, but it is cold tolerant and produces more biomass and smaller seeds. Typically planted as a cover crop or forage, bell beans are good for improving heavy soils, especially if inoculated with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Type Q inoculant). The flowers and nectaries are attractive to many beneficial insects.

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Bean Seeds - Bell

This cool season annual is typically planted in October (northern US states) up to mid-November in California and incorporated into the soil in spring when 10% of the blooms are open. Bell beans can overwinter in zones 8 and warmer. May also be sown in early spring.

Sow at a depth of 3" or broadcast and rake in. Germinates in 5-10 days. Frequently sown with vetch and other cover crops, which can use bell bean as a scaffold, or with grasses and other legumes for forage. Sow at a rate of 80-125 pounds per acre. Peak bloom 42-63 days after sowing, matures in 90-220 days.

    • 1 oz - Approximately 80 Seeds
    • 1 lb - Approximately 1,400 Seeds
    • 5 lb - Approximately 7,000 Seeds
    • 25 lb - Approximately 35,000 Seeds

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