Begonia Seeds - Boliviensis - Santa Cruz Sunset


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119-133 days. Santa Cruz Sunset begonias are an elegant, vibrant, yet hardy grow where other plants would decline. Santa Cruz Sunset seeds grow robust 18-24 inch leafy begonias bursting with scarlet spikes ideal for indoor planters or showing off in the flower bed. Begonia boliviensis is easy to grow from seed and much more tolerant to drier, warmer, and diverse climates than other varieties. Santa Cruz Sunset begonia seeds promise vigorous and lasting blooms that are sure to add seasonal magic to any garden or fresh cut arrangement.


Growing Santa Cruz Sunset Boliviensis Begonia Garden Seeds

Santa Cruz Sunset begonias are one of the easiest varieties to grow and can be sown just as easily outdoors as they are outdoors. For earliest blooms, begin seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior to the final frost and then transplant to a partially shaded place either indoors or out. Boliviensis begonia seeds may take 21-28 days to germinate with full lighting. Lightly press without covering 4-5 Santa Cruz Sunset begonia seeds 18 inches apart in moderately fertile, moist, and well-drained soil in partial shade to full shade. Boliviensis begonia is susceptible to bacterial leaf spot, crown and stem rot, blight, and powdery mildew if grown in overly saturated and poorly drained soil. Plants are somewhat tolerant to drought because of their waxy leaves. Begonia has no serious pests, but monitor regularly for aphids. Santa Cruz Sunset begonia seeds mature in 119-133 days as 18-24 inch tall trailing mounds with an 18-24 inch spread of glossy leaves and unique 5-petaled scarlet blooms.

Begonia x boliviensis is one of about 1,800 species of begonia native to the humid and shady tropics of South America. The genus begonia is the absolute largest and most diverse genus in all of the world, and has since been naturalized throughout most of the world"s tropics. At the time of classification, French botanists chose the name begonia in homage to 17th century French governor of Haiti, Michel Begon.

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