Beet - Red Ace Hybrid Garden Seeds
Beet - Red Ace Hybrid Garden Seeds
Non-GMO Red Ace Hybrid Bush Beans

- Developed for early maturity and drought tolerance, the Red Ace Hybrid produces small tender gloves with a mild and sweet flavor making it great for areas with short growing seasons.

Beet Seeds - Red Ace Hybrid

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50 days. The Red Ace beet is a variety that is highly adaptable and that can grow in cooler temperatures. The Red Ace matures a week before many other beets, and produces small, tender globes. The beet is mild and sweet in flavor. This variety is more resistant to drought and can prosper in colder conditions that others struggle in. Ready to harvest a week earlier than others. Sweet, juicy, uniform sizes are drought tolerant. More red pigment than other varieties. Ideal for slicing, pickling or freezing. Tops make delicious, tender greens. Yields heavily in climates that other varieties find stressful.

This seed may only be shipped to the US and Canada.


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