Beet - Golden Detroit Garden Seed
Beet - Golden Detroit Garden Seed
Non-GMO Golden Detroit Beets
Golden Detroit Beet Garden Seeds - Packet

- The Golden Detroit Beet is known for its orange coloring, sweet taste, and tenderness that lasts as it grows larger.

Beet Seeds - Golden Detroit


55-60 days. Golden Detroit beet seeds. Beta vulgaris. Annual. Non-GMO. The Golden Detroit is an easy to grow beet that can be harvested as early as fifty days after planting, and thrives in colder weather. The Golden Detroit has a sweet taste, and is full of nutrients. It is recommended that you harvest the beets when the roots are one to three inches, for best flavor. The stalks of this root vegetable remain dark green like other strains of beets, but the vein adorn a brighter red and orange shade. Produces deep orange and yellow beetroots. ~1,250 seeds/oz.

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