Bean - Wax Bush - Top Notch Golden Wax Garden Seed
Bean - Wax Bush - Top Notch Golden Wax Garden Seed
Non-GMO Top Notch Golden Wax Bean
Top Notch Wax Bush Bean Seeds - Packet

- These compact and productive beans are idealfor the beginning gardener as they require little care and add a variety of color to any garden.

Bean Seeds - Wax Bush - Top Notch Golden Wax


50-60 days. Heirloom. Non-GMO. Phaseolus vulgaris. This variety is an improved golden wax type. Pods are stringless, straight, slightly flattened and a shade of light-yellow. The wax bean is a great choice for those just starting out as gardeners, since these are easy plants to grow that require little care. In addition to producing crisp beans, this bush-type plant gives vibrant, golden yellow pods that make a great accent piece in a garden. ~100 seeds per ounce.

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