Bean Seeds - Fava - Sprouting (Organic)


Organic Sprouting Fava Beans. Vicia faba. Heirloom. Use for Microgreens, Sprouts & Vegetable Gardening. These are much smaller seeded than the traditional English broad bean. The smaller seed lends itself well to use as a sprouting bean or a microgreen. Very easy to sprout these delicious beans are full of nutrients and fiber. Like pea micros, these fava microgreens are heavy enough to put on a salad and not get lost under the dressing. The beans themselves are very common throughout the middle east where they are cooked and eaten in many ways. Find a good recipe for Ful Medammes " a breakfast staple in Egypt, or how about fava bean hummus.

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Bean Seeds - Fava - Sprouting (Organic)

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