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70-80 days. Fava Beans, a staple in southern Europe cuisine, particularly the Mediterranean. These are much smaller seeded than the traditional English broad bean. Can be grown as a garden vegetable or as a cover crop. Like Austrian Field Pea, Fava Beans will replenish nitrogen-depleted soils, making it ideal for those of you growing soybeans, corn, alfalfa, and wheat.

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Growing Organic Fava Beans

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If you are growing Fava Beans as a garden vegetable, start seeds indoors between February and March. Transplant outdoors once the soil can be tilled. If you are growing them as a cover crop, plant outdoors between September and November. Ideal growing temperatures are between 70-80° F. Fava Beans a susceptible to Black Aphids, and because of their shallow roots, they run the risk of becoming moldy or mildewy if over watered. Also, use straw mulch to cover soil so it can hold moisture, resisting evaporation. If you are wanting Favas to go to seed, give the plant about 4-5 months.

Use as a cover crop to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and enrich the soil. 

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