Bean - Bush - Royal Burgundy treated Garden Seed
Bean - Bush - Royal Burgundy treated Garden Seed
Non-GMO Royal Burgundy Treated Bush Beans

- The Royal Burgundy variety is unique with its deep purple shade and high resistance to diseases and pests while they grow quickly and produce large harvests.

Bean Seeds - Bush - Royal Burgundy (treated)


50-70 days. Annual. Royal Burgundy beans are common beans with a strong resistance to pests and disease. Like many others, Royal Burgundy beans are fast growers; a bean can be harvested as soon as just fifty days after being sown! This variety grows in a bush style, and does not require support from a pole or trellis. Royal Burgundy grows well in chilly conditions, unlike many other varieties. Pods are adorned in a deep Tyrian Purple shade that fades to green when cooked. They are rich in antioxidants and protein. Pods are long, stringless, and tender. Plants are not bothered by bean beetles. Bush beans require full sun and well-drained soil. Packet sizes available for untreated seeds

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