Bean - Bush - Provider treated Garden Seeds
Bean - Bush - Provider treated Garden Seeds
provider bush bean treated seed packet
Non-GMO Provider Treated Bush Beans

- This variety is excellent for cool soil emergence in early season or cool coastal climates while providing for longer than many bush snap beans giving high yields as it is resistant to NY15 bean mosaic and pod mottle viruses, and is tolerant to powdery mildew.

Bean Seeds - Bush - Provider (treated)


Up to 50 days. This variety of bean plant produces pods that are 5 to 8 inches long in heavy yields. Pods are low fiber and grow in clusters on the vines. Plants grow in a bush style so a support isn't necessary to facilitate growth. These beans are used in many different recipes, and the store for longer than most other beans. They also can be sown earlier than most other bean varieties, so this is a great variety for gardeners with a late final frost. These plants make an excellent addition to a compost after they have been harvested as well. Packet sizes available for untreated seeds

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