Basil - Spicy Globe Herb Seed
Basil - Spicy Globe Herb Seed
spicy globe basil seeds
Non-GMO Spicy Globe Basil

- This variety is popular for herb gardens as it has a peppery citrus zest and is one of the smallest compact cultivars.

Basil Seeds - Spicy Globe


Non-GMO, Spicy Globe Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum. As basil has many different varieties, Spicy Globe Basil is a dwarf hybrid and one of the smallest to grow in your herb garden. This sweet basil comes from India and other Asian regions. Spicy Globe Basil matures as a compact bush and makes an ideal patio plant. In Italian cuisine, this basil is used to add a peppery and citrus zest to sauces such as pesto, tomato or a vinaigrette. Often referred to as Greek Basil, or the "Good Basil" this hybrid herb thrives in a container and can be used as aromatherapy. Spicy Globe Basil plants develop dense bright-green leaves as they form into little globe-shaped shrubs.

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