- This sweet cultivar grows purple stems and gives off a spicy clove and licorice scent making it a popular choice for ornamental gardens.

Thai Basil Seeds - Siam Queen


Non-GMO, Heirloom Siam Queen Thai Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum. As basil has many different types, Siam Queen Thai Basil is a sweet cultivar that originated from Southeast Asia. This genuine Thai Basil grows 4" rich-green leaves with purple stems"giving off a spicy clove and licorice scent. This large-leaf tropical herb is often grown as an ornamental garden. Thai Basil has also been used as a medicinal remedy to aid insomnia, colds, digestion, and skin irritation. With its strong anise flavor and active growth, Siam Queen Basil makes an ideal ingredient in Thai cuisine or fresh zesty salads.

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