Basil - Licorice Herb Seed
Basil - Licorice Herb Seed
basil licorice seed packet
Non-GMO Licorice Basil

- [\"Often called \"Persian\" or \"Anise\" Basil as it has a sweet licorice taste and has many healing qualities. \"]

Basil Seeds - Licorice


Non-GMO, Open-pollinated, Heirloom Licorice Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum is native to various Asian regions. As basil has many different varieties, Licorice Basil Herb is considered a sweet basil and is referred to as "Persian Basil" or "Anise Basil." This ancient herb is a staple in Iranian cuisine as it's often prepared as fresh greens with dishes. Basil in general, contains healing components that come from their medicinal oils. Licorice Basil is one of the many cultivars that helps with headaches, stress, digestive health and inflammation. These basil plants prefer warmer conditions and flourish as compact bushes that grow well in containers.

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