Non-GMO Dwarf Green Basil
Non-GMO Dwarf Green Basil
basil dwarf seed packet
Dark Opal Basil 1.5g Packet

- As this variety has a peppery sweet aroma, stays small, and is spherical-shaped you could easily use it for container and patio gardening.

Basil Seeds - Dwarf Greek


Non-GMO, Open-pollinated, Heirloom Dwarf Greek Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum. As basil has many different varieties, Dwarf Greek Basil Herb is one of the smaller, ancient herbs" as it's over 4,000 years old and native to the Mediterranean and South Asian regions. This basil heirloom is small enough to grow on your patio and is an essential ingredient in many Italian dishes. With light-green leaves that develop into a compact, spherical-shaped bushes, Dwarf Greek Basil plants give off a peppery and sweet aroma. This type of sweet basil is often used as a flavorful addition to tomato sauces or soups. As basil is known for its medicinal benefits, Dwarf Greek Basil leaves can be chewed to aid digestion.

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