Organic Cover Crop Seeds Sale
Organic Cover Crop Seeds Sale
Barley Cover Crop Organic
non gmo Organic barley cover crop seed bag
Organic barley packet

- As a short season, early maturing crop this variety adapts well to different environments including irrigated and dryland.

Barley - Organic - Cover Crop Seeds


70 Days. Hordeum vulgare. Cover Crop. Organic. Heirloom. Barley is a short-season, early maturing crop grown commercially in both irrigated and in dry land environments. Because this grain adapts well to different types of environments, it is grown in many regions throughout the United States. Organic barley seeds grow a beneficial annual cover crop cereal grain and is one of the fastest growing members of the grass family. Barley seeds prefer cooler climates, thriving in early spring for seasonal mulching into an Organic green manure. Like other cover crops, Organic barley is an excellent weed suppressant able to replenish depleted soils of lost nitrogen. Organic barley is a safer, more reliable, source of Organic nitrogen to keep roots from burning from direct nitrogen contact. Wholesale seeds and bulk available. ~875 seeds per ounce. Pre-Measured Bags are 9 ounces each

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