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70 Days. Hordeum vulgare. Cover Crop. Organic. Heirloom.  Barley is a short-season, early maturing crop grown commercially in both irrigated and in dry land environments. Because this grain adapts well to different types of environments, it is grown in many regions throughout the United States. Organic barley seeds grow a beneficial annual cover crop cereal grain and is one of the fastest growing members of the grass family. Barley seeds prefer cooler climates, thriving in early spring for seasonal mulching into an Organic green manure. Like other cover crops, Organic barley is an excellent weed suppressant able to replenish depleted soils of lost nitrogen. Organic barley is a safer, more reliable, source of Organic nitrogen to keep roots from burning from direct nitrogen contact. Wholesale seeds and bulk available. ~875 seeds per ounce. Pre-Measured Bags are 9 ounces each

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Growing Organic Barley Cover Crop Garden Seeds

About Organic Barley Cover Crop Garden Seeds

Like many cereal grains, Organic barley cover crop is popularly broadcasted directly in early spring, or late fall in regions with more mild winters, for spring mulching and green manure. For a more linear traditional garden harvest, sow 2-3 heirloom barley cover crop seeds ½" deep and 2-3" apart in nearly any kind of poor and depleted garden soil in full sun. Non-GMO barley seeds germinate in 4-7 days and mature into a classic 24-48" tall grassy wheat cereal grain. Non-GMO Hordeum vulgare is a hardy ancient grain with no serious pests or diseases. When mowing down, be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt to avoid skin irritation. Organic barley termination is typically done so with a smothering process where a tarp is laid down for a few weeks as plants decompose. Soil can then be turned over with a low-mow method or use a grass herbicide before crop goes to seed.

Organic Barley Benefits

As an Organic cover crop, barley seeds quickly grow and act as an exceptional weed suppressant. As a winter cover crop, barley provides just as many nutritional values when grown in spring, but also is an ideal soil protectant as the plants decompose over the span of several months. Once it"s time to winterkill, barley releases more nitrogen as it"s tilled back into the soil. Non-GMO Organic barley is popularly grown as a cover crop grown to slow down the germination process of surrounding weeds and plants, a trait known as allelopathy, which provides a strong defense against weed growth, unwanted reseeding, and invasive species. Heirloom Organic barley is more tolerant to drought than other cereal grains and can act as a "green manure" mulch biomass when tilled back into the soil for Organic-rich spring garden soil.

Wholesale Organic Barley Cover Crop Seeds Per Package:

  • 1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 875 Seeds
  • 8 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 7,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Wholesale - Approximately 14,000 Seeds
  • 2.5 lb - Wholesale - Approximately 35,000 Seeds
  • 4.5 lb - Bulk - Approximately 63,000 Seeds
  • 8.5 lb - Bulk - Approximately 119,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Bulk - Approximately 350,000 Seeds
  • 30 lb - Bulk - Approximately 420,000 Seeds

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