Aster Seeds - Powderpuff Mix


91 " 105 days. Powderpuff Mix Aster flower seeds are a tidy and vibrant addition to grow in any home or garden. Powderpuff Mix flowers grow robust 12 " 36" tall Asters perfect for indoor gardening, yet hardy enough to keep outside during the long summer heat. Powderpuff Mix Aster flower seeds promise dazzling 3 " 5" lush mum-like bulbs that are sure to highlight any seasonal fresh cut arrangement or bouquet. Aster is tolerant, easy to grow from seeds, and ideal for indoor containers and planters or for a charming border around your flower bed. 1000 seeds.


Growing Powderpuff Mix Aster Flower Garden Seeds

Callistephus chinensis, or more commonly known as Asters, is native to the temperate regions of both China and Korea. The Aster is known to have been cultivated in Chinese culture for more than 2,000 years, while it was only introduced to Europe in the 18th Century. The genus name of Callistephus is derived from Greek words kalli ("beautiful") and stephos ("crown"), and the common word Aster is the Latin word for "star."

Aster Flower Seeds - Powderpuff Mix - Annual. Open Pollinated.

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