Arugula slow bolt in a bowl
Arugula slow bolt in a bowl
Arugula - Slow Bolt Microgreen Seed
Arugula - Slow Bolt
Arugula - Slow Bolt Tray growing
Arugula - Micro Arugula
Arugula - Slow Bolt Seeds - Non-GMO
non gmo slow bolt arugula seed packet

- Slow Bolt arugula is one of the fastest growing crops available. It's more heat tolerant than other cultivars, and can thrive in continers, gardens, or indoors.

Arugula Seeds - Slow Bolt


40-45 days. Eruca vesicaria sativa. Non-GMO. Herb. Annual. Non-GMO Slow Bolt arugula seeds are one of the fastest-growing crops available to home gardeners and, since they are slower to bolt, are far more tolerant to heat than other cultivars. Arugula seeds quickly mature to a leafy vegetable herb grown and treated nearly identical to headless lettuces, able to thrive in pots, planters, the garden, or as an indoor hydroponic. Grow Slow Bolt arugula seeds for quick microgreens, dried herbs, or leafy vegetables. Packet and bulk seeds. ~14,200 seeds/oz.

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