Artichoke Seeds - Imperial Star Hybrid


80-120 days. Hybrid, Perennial seeds. This predominantly male Artichoke hybrid is noted for its productivity, producing large, uniform, tender green Artichoke spears, sometimes with purple tips. This variety produces more artichokes than most other varieties, and it is easy to harvest, making it excellent for beginning gardeners. Plants are hardy, disease resistant, and heat tolerant as long as they are watered often enough. Each bud grows to be around 3-5" in diameter, and is thornless and rounded. Plants grow around 2" tall.

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Growing Imperial Star Artichoke Vegetable Garden Seeds

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Growing Directions:

Seeds can be either directly sown, or sown indoors depending on the final frost date of the desired environment. Direct sow around the final frost date. If the final frost date in your environment is later in the year, sow indoors. To do so, transplant seedlings outside after 4-6 weeks. Plants thrive in full sun when watered often. Fertilizer will also help with growth by providing nitrogen to the soil. Harvest buds in the summer by clipping them off individually when they reach their full size. For best results, harvest buds when they are 4-5" in diameter.

    Imperial Star Hybrid Artichoke Garden Seeds.

    Seeds per package:

    • 4 g Packet - Approx 25 Seeds
    • 0.25 oz - Approx 100 Seeds
    • 1 oz - Approx 400 Seeds 
    • 4 oz - Approx 1400 Seeds

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