- This edible Amaranth is also known as Chinese Spinach or yin choi, can be grown as microgreens, used in salads, produces high yields, and will tolerate hot, dry or moist conditions

Amaranth Seeds, Red Beauty (aka Tricolor)


Red Beauty Amaranth Seeds. Amaranthus Tricolor. 30 to 40 days to maturity. Heirloom, Non-GMO, Open Pollinated. Annual. Edible amaranth is also called Chinese Spinach or yin choi. The purple red oval leaves of this beautiful variety have a bright green margin. The plant produces a high yield of tender leaves even in warmer weather. Perfect for microgreens, salad mixes, and as a garnish. Amaranth will tolerate hot, dry and moist conditions but will not thrive in cold temperatures. Approx 40,000 seeds / oz.


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