Alyssum Flower Seeds - Snow Crystals
Alyssum Flower Seeds - Snow Crystals
Non-GMO Alyssum Garden Seeds - Snow Crystals
snow crystals alyssum seed packet

- Snow Crystals Alyssum is a drought tolerant, vigorous, aromatic white flower with a compact habit that does well in cool areas.

Alyssum Seeds - Snow Crystals (Pelleted)


63-77 days. Annual Flower. Multi-seed pelleted. Open pollinated. Snow Crystals flower seeds easily grow eye-catching and fragrant Alyssum mounds bursting in a vivid shades of alpine white. Alyssum seeds thrive in a variety of cool and temperate summers and a wide range of soils. Snow Crystals seeds mature into convenient and compact 6-9" tall shrubs ideal for indoor planters and baskets to accent any room with authentic summertime aroma. Snow Crystals Alyssum flowers in your garden promise to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and even the neighbors all season long. 5000 seeds.


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