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77 " 91 days. Annual flower seeds. Blue Horizon flower seeds grow one of the season"s most exclusive blooms of exotic and globe-shaped ageratum heads. Ageratum flowers are hardy annual flower seeds that promises to excite any tired flowerbed or rock garden. Blue Horizon Ageratum flowers are native to the tropics of Central America and Mexico and thrive in many similar humid gardens in the United States. Blue Horizon flower seeds are an ideal grow to splash some unique sheen in any home, room, or office. 1000 seeds.


Growing Blue Horizon Ageratum Flower Garden Seeds

Ageratum houstonianum, or sometimes called Mexican Paintbrush, is a flower native to Guatemala, Belize, and intermittently throughout Mexico, but has since naturalized to similar tropical regions in surrounding countries. Ageratum houstonianum is known to be toxic to grazing animals and, if grown beyond its natural habitat, may spread invasively. The genus Ageratum is loosely translated from Greek meaning "does not age" in reference to the long-lasting color well into the season.

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