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Seed Assortment - Flower Garden


The Flower Garden Seed Assortment is a collection of our loveliest, most popular, and easy-to-grow flower seeds for planting. Explore your creativity with a wide selection of flower colors and types while also attracting beneficial pollinators–like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds–to your garden. Each flower variety was carefully selected for colors representing the warmth of spring, vibrancy of summer, and shades of fall. Every flower seed variety is sealed in a beautiful hand-illustrated package for extended shelf life.

The Basic Assortment includes 6 packets ~2,000 total seeds

The Deluxe Assortment includes 12 packets ~6,000 total seeds. 

The Premium Assortment includes 35 packets ~20,000 total seeds.

Flower Garden Seed Assortments

By request from our customers, we have put together this affordable collection of our most popular flower seeds for your yard and garden. Enjoy these blossoms throughout the season for their natural beauty, ability to attract pollinators, and as cut bouquets.

Flower Seeds Included

Basic Assortment (6 Pack) - ~2,000 Total Seeds

  • 🌻 Cosmos: Effortless full-sun performers, excellent for beginning gardeners. Cosmos grow almost anywhere and can be directly sown into your garden bed after the last frost.
  • 🌻 Marigold: One of the most cultivated varieties of flowers in the world. Commonly used in vegetable gardens to attract pollinators and also to draw in beneficial insects to assist in organic pest control.
  • 🌻 Poppy: With a wild growth habit easy for direct sowing, poppies are one of the prettiest and most iconic flowers in North America.
  • 🌻 Zinnia: A favorite here at True Leaf Market, zinnias produce spectacular blooms with little effort. These gorgeous flowers are ideal for cut bouquets.
  • 🌻 Sunflower: These flowers were originally cultivated as a food crop by indigenous North American tribes. They continue in popularity as a symbol of happiness.
  • 🌻 Painted Daisy: A beautiful daisy of Asian origin with second year maturity. Ideal for lining a fence, walkway, or flower bed.

Deluxe Assortment (12 Pack) - ~6,000 Total Seeds

Includes flowers from the basic assortment, an additional seasonal bonus Cosmos, and these additional varieties.

  • 🌻 Chamomile: An excellent border flower that has has traditional medicinal uses. It is a popular ingredient in herbal teas.
  • 🌻 Lavender: One of the most fragrant flowering herbs, lavender is used both decoratively and to make essential oils.
  • 🌻 Nasturtium: A prolific edible flower often used in salads, stir frys, and cocktails. Easy to grow with delicate, papery blooms.
  • 🌻 Borage: A fragrant, delicious culinary flowering herb. Also commonly used in traditional teas.
  • 🌻 Calendula: With a wildflower-like hardiness, calendula can be broadcast just before the final frost. A popularly sold and traded flower for hundreds of years, calendula is famous for being both attractive and medicinal.

Premium Assortment (35 Pack) - BEST DEAL - ~20,000 Total Seeds

Includes flowers from the deluxe assortment, 1 additional Nasturtium, 2 additional Sunflowers, 1 additional Zinnia, and these varieties:

  • 🌻Aster
  • 🌻Bachelor Buttons
  • 🌻Corn Poppy
  • 🌻California Poppy
  • 🌻Larkspur
  • 🌻Lupine
  • 🌻Black Eyed Susan
  • 🌻Columbine
  • 🌻Alyssum
  • 🌻Butterfly Milkweed
  • 🌻Shasta Daisy
  • 🌻Sweet Pea
  • 🌻Hollyhock (2 varieties)

+ These Popular Wildflower Seed Mixes

  • 🌻Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix
  • 🌻Hummingbird & Butterfly Wildflower Mix
  • 🌻Bee Friendly Wildflower Mix
  • 🌻Partial Shade Wildflower Mix
  • 🌻Low Growing Wildflower Mix

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