Gardening Starter Guide | Tips for Growing Gardens

Gardening Starter Guide

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Gardening is a very big topic. This getting started guide will give you some introductory ideas and links to resources on our website and on other websites that we believe will be helpful to you as a new gardener.

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What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

Get familiar with your local climate and read up on hardiness zones and what they mean in terms of seed hardiness and how well it will grow in your area of the world. Also, determine your growing space and begin thinking about what you want to grow. Become familiar with terms like "hybrid", "non-GMO", and "organic". Check out our seed-type guide here.

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Gardening Journals

Start a gardening journal to help you plan and maintain your garden plot or container space. Most importantly, have fun! Before you purchase your seeds determine what you space will allow you to grow. Learn the differences between tender and hardy vegetables and flowers.

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Starting, Transplanting, & Maintaining

Now, get to browsing seed varieties and picking the ones you most desire.

Once you have your seeds, seperate the tender seeds from the cold hardy ones (as you will most likely directly sow the cold hardy vegetables in a few months).

Start your tender seeds (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash) indoors and maintain warmth and moisture levels. Watch your seedlings spring up and mature quicker than you might've thought!

While your seedlings are maturing, prepare your growing soil. It is very important to understand that there are different schools of thought on this process. Some growers think it a necessary step; others claim it is not necessary at all. Read here to understand more.

Understand transplant shock and how to avoid it. After a few months, your seedlings should be ready for "Hardening off", which is the process by which you get your seedlings used to outside temperatures and conditions.

Get to Transplanting! To ensure the on-going health of your seedling and future crops, just take some extra steps in transplanting!

Maintain your seedlings by keeping ground moist and keeping a close eye til harvest time. When weather warms up and gets hot, make steps to protect your seedlings.

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More Resources

We don't claim to know everything about gardening (although we do know quite a lot.) Here are some of our favorite websites and resources, to help you give your garden the best start possible.

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