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Feb 14
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It's February! Time to Get Your Garden Seeds!

Looking for "The Best Soil for Transplanting . . . and how to get it!"? Click here to read it!

It's not too late to pick your seeds for your spring garden but soon the days will be long enough and warm enough to start prepping that garden for transplanting. It is imperative to get your tender seedlings off to a good start—and to start them as early as possible. So, when picking your seeds, be aware of which are cold hardy and which are tender. The tender seeds will need to be sown indoors right away to offer it a chance to grow into a tenacious seedling by the time warm days role around. Save time and energy by visiting us and browsing through our seed selection (all garden vegetable on this page are available in paper packets). You'll find everything you need--and perhaps discover new garden vegetables to grow!

Although combing through our inventory is a lot of fun, it is time consuming. Luckily, we've created seed-packet assortments for moments like these when folks know what they want but don't have time to pick and choose each seed. Say, you know you want and herb garden but don't have a lot of space—in fact, you're growing from containers. The Organic Herb Collection 8 Pack is ideal! Or consider the same thing with tomatoes. You have a limited plot in your backyard but you want to try cherry tomatoes that year. Then check out the Heirloom Organic Cherry Tomato Collection.

Check out our other seed assortments for a quick start on your garden:

Garden Seeds - All Paper Packets Available
Organic Leafy Greens 7 Pack
Assortment of Salsa Garden Non-hybrid Seeds
Conventional Heirloom Deluxe Garden - 30 Pack
Conventional Heirloom Basic Garden - 15 Pack
Organic Heirloom Tomato Collection - 7 Pack


Sput Anderson

I ordered 25 lbs. of garden pea seeds from this company. They looked great! I planted them and they have come up beautifully dispite the fact that the ground is totally saturated. I am very satisfied. New and smaller companies don’t always have the resources that they would like to have, but I trust these folks.

Timothy Lauridsen

Gettin ahead of our selves are we?


Catalog and soil info please

Paul Bongers

Do you have any wholesale pricing for garden centres? I own Country Basket Garden Centre and flower boutique here in Niagara Falls, Canada I have purchased seed for micro greens already and I would like to promote it here in the spring

rauxann bell

Would love your catalog if you have one

izzy Auger

please send a catalog 205 millersburg mi. 49759