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Undoubtedly the best wheat we have ever used for growing wheatgrass. It is organic hard red spring wheat with an incredible germination rate that grows wheatgrass with thick blades and very even growth. Small quantity to bulk. Certified Organic.


Certified Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Seeds

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Whole Sprouting Wheat berries
  • Excellent Germination Rate 98-100%
  • Resealable Packaging or pre-measured bags for wheatgrass trays
  • 7-10 days for wheatgrass
  • 2-3 days for wheat berry sprouts
  • Great for grinding into whole wheat flour
  • Outstanding choice for food storage
  • Microbial Tested

This wheat is the same wheat we use in our flagship wheatgrass growing kit. If you are looking for refills for growing wheatgrass, be sure to buy the 5 & 10 pre-measured bags. These pre-measured wheatgrass refills are our most popular product because everyone comes back for the incredible quality of seed that you can't find anywhere else.

All Wheat is Not Equal We have had the experience of growing wheatgrass and being in the commercial wheatgrass business over the last twenty years. We have experienced growing many different kinds of wheat from different areas: Texas, Utah, Idaho, Montana, California, and Israel-- both organic and non-organic. The wheat we use now is grown in eastern Washington and is undoubtedly the best wheat we have ever used. It has a spectacular germination rate and makes a beautiful and nutritious grass. Our wheat is USDA certified organic, which means the grower has not used herbicides in his field for over 3 years.

If a wheat is organic, it will have more of a variety of minerals than a non-organic wheat. If you grow with an organic compost the organisms in the soil will help the minerals absorb into the grass properly. Organic produce should also have the organism on it that produces cobalamin (B-12).

our wheat vs the other guys' wheat

Customer Comment:

" Yay!! Yay!!!! I'm SOOOO GLAD my shipment will arrive tomorrow. I decided to try some Whole Foods organic winter wheat berries- you know, local, no shipping, on sale for 89 cents a pound.....oh, no. No, no, no, no. I used exactly the same amount of seed that I use of yours. I'd say there was about 1/3 less (at least) growth, it was sporadic- some short, some tall....and the mold....oh, the mold......the horror............... Sigh. Lesson learned. :-)

Thanks, and have a great weekend!
Macha B.

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

Exceptional seed!

This seed sprouts fantastically, and the flavor is super sweet! Will be buying more.

  • great%20taste
I have lived in a Motor home full time and wanted to start eating healthier. I searched a lot of websites and you tube videos. I think I read just about everything here on this site as well. I called them several times and they always were patient with me and answered all my questions. I watched the "wheat Grass Trucker" several times and was inspired to start my own garden. I converted my kitchen area to a garden and have been growing sprouts and Wheat grass for well over a year now. I have learned from my mistakes and what it takes to grow on the road. The biggest problem was temperature and humidity, but once I figured out how to compensate I have been growing great wheat grass for over a year. There is just me (and my dog) so I found out that 3 trays (10 X 20) growing at different stages at the same time works out perfect. I start a new tray every week on Mondays and harvest a tray every Monday.

I use one cup of seeds per tray and 1/3 cup for Rejuvelac in a quart jar (makes three quarts). I have not had a bad crop of either since I started timing every step. I use a specific time table for soaking, sprouting, growing covered and growing uncovered and always have a great crop of wheat grass and great tasting Rejuvelac.

I used another company's seeds once and they didn't measure up.

I get 6 months out of a 25 lb bag of seeds depending on if I forget the Rejuvelac once in a while.I keep all the seeds in 1/2 gallon balls jars that are vacuum sealed.(7 jars for 25 lbs).

I highly recommend these seeds and this company.

Happy Customer!

I ordered the wheat grass seeds a couple of months ago, and I was exceptionally happy with the results! This was the first time I'd ever grown wheatgrass. I e-mailed the company with a question about sprouting, and I received a very helpful reply, and learned about the videos I could watch on growing wheatgrass.

I am thrilled to grow wheat grass; the wheat grass juice is very healthy, and I can now share it with everyone in my family.

Thank you for your great products; I am ordering a new supply today!

New Sprout Gardner


This is the first time I ever grew, juiced and tasted wheat husband & I were both amazed! The hard red wheat sprouts were delicious, we couldn't believe they tasted so good. The end result definitely exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to our next shot! Cheers...

Wheatgrass seed


Amazing seeds, never tried something with this quality before! The company is very professional and they shipped fast. Two thumbs up!!!

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