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Dec 7
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Winter Dinner

Winter Dinner
by Raya Johansson, MT

  • 2 cups organic buckwheat.
  • 1 cup soaked and dehydrated organic almonds
  • 1 tablespoon raw organic Shoyu
Directions: Soak buckwheat four to five hours, rinse in the mid time. Then after soaking, rinse very well, several times. Put to sprout, rinse often. I rinsed just when going to bed, and right when woke up in the morning, and during the morning two times. The whole time from the beginning was just 24 hours. Powder the almonds with Cuisinart S blade or in the VitaMix dry container or in a good coffee grinder. Mix the sprouts (which are still small), the almond powder and Shoyu, let warm up in a bowl that floats in 105F water. This can be eaten with a salad or a soup, it makes you to feel warm in cold days.



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