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May 1
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Fresh Garden Salsa

I love this homemade fresh salsa recipe! This recipe is straight from my Dad’s fingertips and is so simple even a kid could make it. Try using fresh produce straight from the garden for the best flavor around. Using tomatoes from the store just isn’t the same, as they are often not allowed to reach peak ripeness on the vine. When using home-grown produce, you will find your salsa is bursting with flavor unable to be achieved with produce from grocery store shelves. Get ready for one of the easiest salsas you will ever make.



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salsa ingredients


cutting fresh tomatoes

1. Cut each tomato in half and remove the core. If you like more liquid in your salsa, then pour the juices from each half into your mixing container. Dice all of your tomatoes into small chunks and add to your mixing bowl.

cutting cilantro

2. Chop your cilantro leaves while it is still bunched together. Add to the mixing bowl.

chopping peppers

3. Finely chop your jalapenos. I like using a chopping tool like the one pictured, although finely chopping with a knife will do as well. Keeping the seeds will cause your salsa to be spicier. I usually like to remove the seeds before chopping the peppers.

chopping onion

4. Finely chop one onion. Again, I like to use a chopping tool (pictured) to chop a quarter of the onion at a time. Add to the bowl and mix tomatoes, cilantro, pepper, and onion together.

mixing salsa ingredients together

5. Add about 2 teaspoons of white vinegar and about 0.5 teaspoons of sugar and mix all ingredients together.

adding sugar and vinegar

6. Taste your fresh garden salsa with some corn chips. Chilling overnight allows for the most flavorful results. Enjoy!

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