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Oct 5
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Why You Should Grow Pumpkins!

Fall is synonymous with Pumpkins. Pumpkin patches, pumpkin fests, pumpkins on the porch, pumpkin pie. October just wouldn’t be the same without these winter squashes.

By adding pumpkins to your home garden you’re adding versatility, creativity, color, festivity, and fun. Start them in the spring and watch them develop over the summer and mature in the fall. Kids love watching pumpkins grow, and depending on where you plant them and what variety, they’re sure to be part of the conversation with the neighbors too.

Pumpkins are used for contests, carving, painting, cooking, desserts, and decorating. Many haven’t yet discovered the health benefits of pumpkins. Pumpkins are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and folate and are a great low-calorie option. Pumpkin seeds are high in antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium, and can be a good source of protein and fiber. Incorporating pumpkin into your regular diet can boost your immune system.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all tried pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. There are many other options for incorporating pumpkin into our culinary plans. Dinner in a pumpkin is a delicious way to maximize this crop. You can puree pumpkin for cookies or pies, and even dehydrate or freeze the puree for longer-term storage and future use.

With so many different varieties and uses, and assuming there is space, pumpkins are an excellent addition to a home garden.

Happy Gardening!

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Hi, I’m Erica Groneman. I am a mom, volunteer, and a gardener. There’s something satisfying about getting my hands dirty and watching things grow. I believe gardening is universal and crosses all boundaries, bringing us all together. I hope we can share in the joy of growing together. Thanks for stopping by!


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