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There is no doubt world events have changed the way people do their shopping. Why are so many people changing where they buy from, including their garden supplies? It's probably because of the many benefits available online, including better prices, access to free information, fresh products, and company affiliate or ambassador programs. While some people prefer to browse the garden isles of their local grocery or outdoor supply stores, you are most likely to find the best deals and options online. Along with the variety of products we offer our True Leaf Market family, we also strive to supply the best information for a successful growing experience.


Products Shipped Directly to Your Door

If you are like me, you don’t always find everything you need in one store. And when you do, you are often sacrificing quality for at least one item. When you shop online, you can easily find the best quality items and conveniently have them shipped to your door. This not only saves you the time of meandering around a store or finding that your items are out of stock and requiring a second trip. Stock up on all your seasonal gardening needs and qualify for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $45. With the holidays coming up, put your feet up and purchase directly from the businesses you love by shopping online.

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Larger Product Selection

Because brick-and-mortar stores create a limit on how many products and how much inventory can be offered at once, online stores are usually able to offer you a larger variety of products. True Leaf Market is continually adding new products to meet your needs. This spring, we will be offering our largest availability of flower seeds yet! If you haven’t found your favorite flowers in the past, keep an eye out, we just might have it in the works. In addition to expanding our flower seeds, we have recently added many beloved Asian Varieties and organic versions of your favorite vegetable seeds. Now is a great time to try a different variety or discover new vegetables you may not be familiar with.

Access Free Growing Guides and Information

When shopping in a store, you may have access to a knowledgeable individual. When shopping online, you have access to a plethora of educational materials directly for your use. On our website you can find our blog located under the info tab, as well as several grow guides and other helpful pages. If you are new to gardening, we highly suggest you download our free vegetable, cover crop, herb, and sprouting growing guides.

True Leaf Market Herb Growing Guide

Get the Best Prices on Garden Supplies

When you buy directly from your favorite brands, you will often get the best prices available. As both a retail and wholesale supplier, True Leaf Market has the best deal for you. When you shop with us directly, you also get access to the best sale prices available on our products. We are currently offering an amazing sale on our paper packets with a Fall Grab Bag Sale. We are offering 40% off an assortment of 40 paper packets from our brands. That's over 25,000 seeds for only $29.55. Stock up for next year, or get your stocking stuffers ready early.

Get the Freshest Garden Products Available

The best benefit to purchasing your garden supplies online, especially seeds, are you are getting the freshest products available. Because we are both a retail and wholesale provider, we are constantly rotating through our inventory. This gets you the freshest seeds with the best germination rates. Because we are constantly checking the germination rates, you don’t have to worry about getting sub-standard products.

Ambassador Programs

If you are an online shopper who enjoys spending time on social media, you might be a good fit for our ambassador program. Our ambassador program is a community of gardeners who engage in online campaigns to receive free products and gain exclusive access to sales and new products. Do you want to share the TLM brand and mission with your friends? Fill out the application on our ambassador program page. We look forward to seeing your photo and video content featuring your favorite True Leaf Market products.

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Affiliate Programs

If you love True Leaf Products just as much as we do and have a platform of your own, you might be interested in our affiliate program. A TLM affiliate can make a commission from purchases made through your unique link. Share your favorite products and produce on your blog, social media, podcast, or website. For additional content and rewards also join the ambassador program outlined above. Find more information on our affiliate page.

Become a True Leaf Market Brand Ambassador! You’ll enjoy awesome perks, free products and exclusive swag & offers! Help us create a gardening revolution and help others experience the joy of growing!

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